We’re pretty sure you already know what a library is, so we’ll spare you that little detail. In the BallNine Library however, you’ll find stories of the obscure, absurd or – for lack of a better term – normal varieties. The best part is you can make all the noise you want in our library and we’re not going to throw you out. Hell, it’s actually encouraged.

  • The Story: Fan to Family

    Do you remember when you were 13 years old and revered your favorite ballplayer?

    Andy Strasberg does. Andy’s story, once you hear it, you will never forget.

  • BoB: They Hated Us

    You know what baseball could use to make the game more exciting, more emotional, more fun? More over the top.

    More teams like the ‘86 Mets.

    More teams who don’t give a damn about the opponent. More teams that say if you don’t like the way we act, too bad. Beat us.

  • Behind the Dish: Clay Dawgs

    “I liked smoking meat, but now I have a new passion….” – Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother.

  • The Story: Running on Empty

    Here at BallNine life is not just about yelling from Twitter rooftops. Trying to find solutions to problems is part of the game here.

    The latest injury news from the Yankees is disturbing on several fronts. One thing is certain, the Yankees can’t blame Matt Krause for this one. Krause was the Yankees Director of Strength and Conditioning that was let go by the team in December and replaced by Eric Cressey with the title Director of Player Health and Performance.

  • Spitballin': with Gregg Olson

    Sometime in 1867, just two years after Abraham Lincoln had a rough night watching Our American Cousin, a fellow by the name of Candy Cummings noticed that seashells curved when they were thrown. He applied that technique to a baseball and, as legend would have it, the curveball was invented. About 120 years later, Gregg Olson used the curve ball to devastate batters the way few ever have with that pitch.

  • BoB: Inside the A-side

    Baseball is all about second chances and comebacks. First chances, too.

    It can work that way for baseball songs as well. In 1981, New York City singer/songwriter Stan Satlin wrote Baseball (America’s National Pastime) a joyful, innocent tune.

    This song is the musical version of Moonlight Graham, who never got a major league at-bat.

  • Behind the Dish: The Old Salty Dog

    “Brandy, you’re a fine girl. What a good wife you would be. But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea.” -Looking Glass 1972

  • The Story: Hall of Fame Pitch

    Good times are ahead. Remember that.

    There was no National Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony this summer and that is a shame. We all realize how special those moments are now that they have been taken away from us this year: weddings, celebrations, reunions and the like. In the future, we will note how truly glorious the good times will be when those days return.