Welcome to BallNine. We hope you’re ready for a dive into some of the finer (and maybe some of the not so fine) moments of America’s Pastime. Hike up your stirrups, grab your hot dogs and nuts and come join us as we take a look at some of the funnier and obscure baseball stories you may not have heard before. If you have, hopefully you find our retelling of these little gems refreshing, honest and humorous. Now get in the box and get ready for BallNine. You never know where it’s gonna go.

  • El Jefe Speaks #2

    Well that was fun.

  • Behind the Dish: Stuggy’s World Famous Gourmet Hot Dogs

    “Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.” - Edgar Allan Poe

  • The Story: Lowering the Bar, Lowering the Boom

    Lowering the bar never works.

    For any baseball fan, those three words are trouble. If your team does it that means expectations have dropped. That means trouble.

    When the entire sport of baseball does it that’s even worse. Trouble for the sport.

    That is where we are today in baseball, a much shorter season and a much longer postseason with 16 teams, all in pursuit of extra postseason dollars. Add Covid-19 to the mix and you have created one of the worst times in baseball history. Combine that with the current labor fight and more dark clouds on the horizon with another financial battle just around the corner. This is only a warmup.

    Who knows what is going to happen with the Covid-19 situation. There may not be a baseball season at all in 2020. There may not be an NFL season or an NBA season.

    Not watering down the product, though, is in MLB’s control and baseball continues to botch this attempted comeback on several fronts, alienating even more fans.

  • Spitballin': with Sean Gibson

    When Josh Gibson passed away in 1947 at the young age of 35, legendary sportswriter Wendell Smith of The Pittsburgh Courier wrote, “The Great Umpire has silenced the mighty bat of one of baseball’s greatest sluggers of all time.” Smith also wrote, “The king of sluggers is dead…long live the king!” Over seven decades later, the king’s legacy is still alive through the Josh Gibson Foundation, even if The Great Umpire has temporarily hit the pause button in the form of a Covid-19 shutdown. The Josh Gibson Foundation was founded by Gibson’s son, Josh Gibson, Jr., and the elder Gibson’s great-grandson Sean Gibson now serves as its Executive Director. Sean joins BallNine in this week’s edition of Spitballin’.

  • The Weird and Wacky History of June 18th

    There are moments and dates in baseball history that stand out among others. April 15 was when Jackie Robinson first bounded out of the Ebbets Field dugout to integrate the sport. April 8 was when Hank Aaron hammered home run number 715. July 12 was Disco Demolition Night. While those dates all have historical significance in a particular year, they don’t match up to the baseball mayhem that has happened throughout history on June 18.

  • Roundhouse: Boston Red Sox

    Chris Vitali sits down with his friends and Sox fans Dan Tiant, Chris Rolandelli and Kurt “Kaiser” Vollhardt to discuss their points of view on the current and future state of the team. Red Sox legend Luis Tiant pays a surprise visit to the show about halfway through and has plenty to say about pitching, pitching and more pitching. The boys got a little fired up, so it’s not exactly SFW.

  • Behind the Dish: The Varsity

    “The show must go on… The show must go on… Inside my heart is breakin….” -Queen, 1991