HERMOSA BEACH, CA — Chris Vitali, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BallNine LLC, announced the launch of www.BallNine.com, a baseball multimedia website that brings unique and varied content to baseball fans of all ages. The site will focus on baseball history and humor with a large portion of the site’s content coming from Major League Baseball players and personnel in the baseball world. The site will go live on May 4, 2020.

“The concept of the site is modeled after fans shooting the breeze about some really cool moments in baseball history,” said Vitali. “It’s very relaxed and we want to give fans a fun look inside the game. We’re going to tell some of those untold stories in the game’s history and bring you those stories directly from players, team personnel and our team of professional journalists.”

One of the main features of the site will be the Tuesdays with Leroy podcast, which will be presented in both video and audio formats. TWL video interviews will be produced once a month while new episodes of the TWL audio podcast will be released every Tuesday. The first video episode of Tuesdays with Leroy features a half hour conversation with former Major League Baseball All-Star David Wells, who covers topics including the brawl between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles that was ignited by Armando Benitez hitting Tino Martinez with a pitch, the time he wore Babe Ruth’s hat during a game, Wells’ work with the Perfect 33 Foundation to assist American Military Veterans and more.

In addition to the Tuesdays with Leroy video and audio podcast, the site features written content aligned with the site’s tagline, “History, Humor and Hot Dogs.” The content will create a new spin on the game’s history on a broad range of topics. The Baseball Card Vault gives fans a humorous and nostalgic experience on the baseball card collecting industry. Other areas of the site include minor league baseball, a BallNine apparel shop, feature articles and a media room that will be built around podcasts specific to all Major League teams. Site evolution will be ongoing as new sections emerge.

“I honestly think true fans of the game will love it,” said Vitali. “It’s a lot of fun and something we believe is unique that fans don’t normally see on the internet. We want to bring fans the incredible stories ballplayers have and deliver much of it from the players themselves.”

For more information, contact Chris Vitali at chris@ballnine.com, through Twitter (@BallNineTweets) or by visiting www.ballnine.com.